Cold air diffusion system & how does it work?

It is the world’s most advanced Nano technology in the scent marketing industry designed to produce the best scent experience by delivering the pure essential oil as a dry mist with NO residue. The compressor inside of the system converts the oil into Nano particles by using cold air pressure. This is the healthiest process of evaporation oils in the air, while it keeps the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.

Where is the best place to be installed?

Our aroma systems could be installed in 3 different ways:

A-Connected directly to your HVAC system utilizing the airflow in your ducts via special pipe comes into the original package

B-Wall-mounted by using the parts come into the original package

C-Stand alone or portable unit placed on the floor

NB: Please make sure that you have an electricity outlet wherever you decide to place the system!

Does my HVAC unit should work all times?

If you set the system to run from 8-10 hours/day on a middle intensity level the scent bottle will last approximately for a month. But the exact length of time may vary depends on the settings you made on.

Is there any risk of damage