This slender and stylish Scent diffuser is designed to make scenting at your business or home effortless. You can easily change between different fragrance intensity settings with touch buttons on it.


Covers: 400sq/ft
Bottles: 120mLs 

Ayla Scent Diffuser Slender

  • This scent system is an ideal solution for banks, retails, offices and small lobbies of maximum 300m3. It has very stylish look, sleek anodized aluminium body and plug and play ability. It is also great for receptions, clinics and homes.

    • Cold air diffusion technology.
    • Adjustable Intensity.
    • Simple operation and stylish look.
    • Portable scent diffusion system.
    • Friendly use for Homes,Villas, Offices, banks, retails, receptions, clinics etc.


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