Cold air diffusion system & how does it work?


It is the world’s most advanced Nano technology in the scent marketing industry designed to produce the best scent experience by delivering the pure essential oil as a dry mist with NO residue. The compressor inside of the system converts the oil into Nano particles by using cold air pressure. This is the healthiest process of evaporation oils in the air, while it keeps the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils.

Which aroma system will be the most appropriate for me?

Depending from the square footage of your space as well as how many AC units you have, we will be glad to assist you by phone or via email at:

How do I clean & maintain the system if I spilled oil?

Since our essential oils are undiluted you should clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Please take care for the system and be careful when refill the bottle with oil.

How do I choose which essential oil to buy?

You have an option to order our FREE sample package via our online store at: and will be able to smell all scents available in our range. If you hesitate between, please give us a call for professional advice.

How long one bottle of scent last?

To ensure the scent continues to circulate throughout your space you should turn the FAN of your HVAC unit on the ON position.

If switch from one scent flavor to another do I have to clean the bottle?

Where is the best place to be installed?

Our aroma systems could be installed in 3 different ways:

a-Connected directly to your HVAC system utilizing the airflow in your ducts via special pipe comes into the original package

b-Wall-mounted by using the parts come into the original package

c-Stand alone or portable unit placed on the floor

NB: Please make sure that you have an electricity outlet wherever you decide to place the system!

Does my HVAC unit should work all times?

If you set the system to run from 8-10 hours/day on a middle intensity level the scent bottle will last approximately for a month. But the exact length of time may vary depends on the settings you made on.

Is there any risk of damage my HAVC unit furniture , arts or equipment?

No. It is not necessary to clean the bottle at all since after 5 min when the scent has been changed will start smelling. But just in case if you need to clean anything on the system or into the bottle please use ONLY alcohol.

No Voc

Our essential oil-based scents are healthy and emit zero toxic gases, supporting your health and the environment at the same time.

No Aerosol

You would need inferior aerosol sprays which typically only last for a few days and are often overpriced.

No Propellant Gas

Heated diffusers and those that involve water destroy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. When heated, scents do not disperse.

Our systems distribute the scent into a very thin mist almost invisible so definitely there is NO risk of damaging the filter, coils or any parts of the AC unit as well as any furniture, arts and equipment.

No Toxic Chemicals 

Does the system have any settings feature?

a-Fully programmable cycle w/ digital display

b-Automatic Start/Stop option

c-Multiple fragrance intensity levels

d-Ability to “multi-task” – runs up to 3 different programs per day. For example: light in the morning, mild at noon, strong at night.

Toxic chemicals can impair your immune function and compromise your health. Our scent diffusers are created with the health of you and your business in mind, and we never use toxic chemicals in any of our products.